AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-16board/qemu_x86: don't enable u-bootfsdg20230625Leah Rowe
2023-07-16coreboot/cros: fix acpica downloadsLeah Rowe
2023-07-16coreboot/fam15h: use new upstream for acpicaLeah Rowe
2023-07-10uboot: delete blobs, based on blobs.list filec20230710Leah Rowe
2023-07-10uboot: add blobs.list file under resources/Leah Rowe
2023-07-10rename project to censored-librebootLeah Rowe
2023-07-10coreboot/default: update blobs.listLeah Rowe
2023-07-10coreboot/cros: update blobs.listLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: update kfsn4-dre configsLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: update configs for 4.11_branchLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: use 4.11_branch (fixes build)Leah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: fix acpica build on newer hostccLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot: AMD Fam10/15: don't build GCC-GNATLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: patch binutils 2.32 for new gccLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: support distclean on cbfstoolLeah Rowe
2023-07-09grub: flip the bootsplash background 180 degreesLeah Rowe
2023-07-09coreboot/fam15h: re-add kgpe-d16 and kcma-d8Leah Rowe
2023-07-08download/coreboot: re-add book-burning supportLeah Rowe
2023-07-08remove blobutil and boards/utils needing/for blobsLeah Rowe
2023-07-08rename project to c-libreboot (c = censored)Leah Rowe
2023-07-08coreboot: never add microcode update to ROM imageLeah Rowe
2023-07-08build/boot/roms: fix coreboot-version in releasesLeah Rowe
2023-06-25update .gitignore20230625Leah Rowe
2023-06-25build/release/src: clean spkmodem/e6400 utilsLeah Rowe
2023-06-25build/roms_helper: reset d521fca7, backport fixesLeah Rowe
2023-06-25Revert "Revert "Add 4MB version of HP 8200 SFF""Leah Rowe
2023-06-25build/boot/roms: say board name on stderrLeah Rowe
2023-06-25Revert "Add 4MB version of HP 8200 SFF"Leah Rowe
2023-06-24build/roms: distclean coreboot before each buildLeah Rowe
2023-06-24run coreboot utils from own directoryLeah Rowe
2023-06-24build/cbutils: distclean before buildingLeah Rowe
2023-06-24build/cbutils: exit if utils dir doesn't existLeah Rowe
2023-06-24build/cbutils: tab indentation, not spacesLeah Rowe
2023-06-24build/cbutils: rename variable for clarityLeah Rowe
2023-06-24blobs/sources: rename t440p to t440plibremrcLeah Rowe
2023-06-22Merge pull request 'losslessly compress pngs' (#85) from Riku_V/lbmk:master i...Leah Rowe
2023-06-22losslessly compress pngsRiku Viitanen
2023-06-22Merge pull request 'u-boot: Increase EFI variable buffer size' (#83) from alp...Leah Rowe
2023-06-22Merge pull request 'cros: Disable coreboot related BL31 features' (#84) from ...Leah Rowe
2023-06-22cros: Disable coreboot related BL31 featuresAlper Nebi Yasak
2023-06-22u-boot: Increase EFI variable buffer sizeAlper Nebi Yasak
2023-06-20re-add gigabyte/ga-g41m-es2lLeah Rowe
2023-06-20nuke boards: delete nyan* (for now)Leah Rowe
2023-06-20build/boot/roms_helper nicer indent on switch loopLeah Rowe
2023-06-20blobs/download: exit if no board configs foundLeah Rowe
2023-06-20build/boot/roms: remove wrong parenthesesLeah Rowe
2023-06-20build/boot/roms: nicer indent style on switch loopLeah Rowe
2023-06-20lbmk: run ./.gitcheck clean on errorLeah Rowe
2023-06-20lbmk: exit 1 if script failedLeah Rowe
2023-06-20build/boot/roms: only set firstoption if argc>0Leah Rowe