BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2760p_wip_DOES_NOT_BOOTNew board added: HP EliteBook 2760p (tablet)Leah Rowe7 weeks
8560W_DOES_NOT_BOOT_YETsuper experimental hp elitebook 8560w supportLeah Rowe6 months
blobutil_kbc1126_ecblobutil: support fetching KBC1126 EC (HP laptops)Leah Rowe5 months
e6400nvidia_wipdell/e6400nvidia: switch to "normal" configLeah Rowe5 months
fsdg20230625board/qemu_x86: don't enable u-bootLeah Rowe2 months
hp2170p_wipdell/t1650: do onboard vga as primary video deviceLeah Rowe6 weeks
hp8560w_NOT_BOOTING_YETadd unar to dependenciesLeah Rowe6 months
hp8560w_wipadd unar to dependenciesLeah Rowe6 months
masterutil/nvmutil: remove xorswap() macroLeah Rowe3 days
wip_tianocorewip tianocoreLeah Rowe5 months
c20230710commit e1df640578...Leah Rowe2 months
20230625commit 68d4710785...Leah Rowe3 months
20230423commit 20192c0848...Leah Rowe5 months
20230413commit 9df1a1774f...Leah Rowe5 months
20230319commit 07b6bb3dbd...Leah Rowe6 months
20221214commit c6bb4d25f3...lbmkplaceholder9 months
psdgcommit 7af9953463...Leah Rowe10 months
20220710commit fbbb5bc616...Leah Rowe14 months
20211122commit eed25bd220...Leah Rowe22 months
20210522commit b4bcdc42f0...Leah Rowe2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysutil/nvmutil: remove xorswap() macroHEADmasterLeah Rowe
3 daysutil/nvmutil: make setWord a macroLeah Rowe
3 daysutil/nvmutil: further optimise swap commandLeah Rowe
3 daysutil/nvmutil: use correct comparisons on pointersLeah Rowe
3 daysutil/nvmutil: optimise swap commandLeah Rowe
4 daysutil/nvmutil: don't use err_if on argc checkLeah Rowe
4 daysutil/nvmutil: always print filename in err_ifLeah Rowe
4 daysutil/nvmutil: remove SIZE_8KB defineLeah Rowe
4 daysutil/nvmutil: remove xpread/xpwrite macrosLeah Rowe
4 daysutil/nvmutil: remove unnecessary xclose macroLeah Rowe