AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-08dell/e6400nvidia: switch to "normal" confige6400nvidia_wipLeah Rowe
2023-05-08Revert "Revert "coreboot/e6400nvidia: don't run vga rom""Leah Rowe
2023-05-08seabios: do normal config, disable oprom in vgaromLeah Rowe
2023-05-08Revert "coreboot/e6400nvidia: don't run vga rom"Leah Rowe
2023-05-07coreboot/e6400nvidia: don't run vga romLeah Rowe
2023-05-07coreboot/e6400nvidia: debug level 8Leah Rowe
2023-05-06Merge pull request 'Add devicetree patch for E6400 with Nvidia GPU' (#51) fro...Leah Rowe
2023-05-06Add devicetree patch for E6400 with Nvidia GPUNicholas Chin
2023-05-06New board: Dell Latitude E6400 (Nvidia GPU model)Leah Rowe
2023-05-06blobutil: support downloading E6400 VGA ROMLeah Rowe
2023-05-06Merge pull request 'Add patches for bios_extract' (#49) from nic3-14159/lbmk:...Leah Rowe
2023-05-06Add patches for bios_extractNicholas Chin
2023-05-06remove e6400_8mb and e6400_16mb (keep e6400_4mb)Leah Rowe
2023-05-06Import new util: bios_extractLeah Rowe
2023-05-06add e6400_flash_unlock binary to .gitignoreLeah Rowe
2023-05-05Merge pull request 'Add fedora 38 other unifont dependencies' (#45) from MrAr...Leah Rowe
2023-05-04add fedora 38 unifont dependenciesArthegor
2023-04-30util/e6400-flash-unlock: do void on ec_fdo_commandLeah Rowe
2023-04-24don't force console mode in grubLeah Rowe
2023-04-23build/release/src: update blobutil target dirs20230423Leah Rowe
2023-04-23build/release roms: scrub kbc1126 ec firmwareLeah Rowe
2023-04-23blobutil/inject: fix bad removal patternLeah Rowe
2023-04-23blobutil/inject: handle HP KBC1126 EC firmwareLeah Rowe
2023-04-22Merge pull request 'parabola specific dependencies install script' (#13) from...Leah Rowe
2023-04-22Merge pull request 'Add HP EliteBook Folio 9470m' (#23) from Riku_V/lbmk:hp94...Leah Rowe
2023-04-22Add HP EliteBook Folio 9470mRiku Viitanen
2023-04-21Add HP EliteBook 2560pRiku Viitanen
2023-04-20chmod +x on blobutil/download scriptLeah Rowe
2023-04-20Merge branch 'blobutil_kbc1126_ec'Leah Rowe
2023-04-20Merge pull request 'Undo GRUB fixes for E6400' (#20) from nic3-14159/lbmk:rev...Leah Rowe
2023-04-20Re-disable GRUB payload for E6400Nicholas Chin
2023-04-20Revert "Fix GRUB handling of the E6400 keyboard"Nicholas Chin
2023-04-20Merge pull request 'Fix E6400 keyboard handling in GRUB' (#19) from nic3-1415...Leah Rowe
2023-04-19Revert "dell/e6400: disable grub payload"Nicholas Chin
2023-04-19Fix GRUB handling of the E6400 keyboardNicholas Chin
2023-04-19util/e6400-flash-unlock: restore READMENicholas Chin
2023-04-19dell/e6400: disable grub payloadLeah Rowe
2023-04-19Merge pull request 'Add configs for the Latitude E6400' (#16) from nic3-14159...Leah Rowe
2023-04-19Merge pull request 'Add E6400 flash unlock utility' (#17) from nic3-14159/lbm...Leah Rowe
2023-04-19Add E6400 flash unlock utilityNicholas Chin
2023-04-19Add configs for the Latitude E6400Nicholas Chin
2023-04-17gm45: re-add mitigations for no-microcode setupLeah Rowe
2023-04-16parabola specific dependencies install scriptRiku Viitanen
2023-04-15util/nvmutil: sort includes alphabeticallyLeah Rowe
2023-04-15set grub.cfg timeout to 30sLeah Rowe
2023-04-15blobutil: support fetching KBC1126 EC (HP laptops)blobutil_kbc1126_ecLeah Rowe
2023-04-14Merge pull request 'Port to HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF' (#8) from Riku_V/lbmk:h...Leah Rowe
2023-04-14Port to HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFFRiku Viitanen
2023-04-14blobutil: support extracting ME from full ROMsLeah Rowe
2023-04-13build/release/src: include gitclone in release20230413Leah Rowe